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dandelion seeds leather football, showing stitching furry green caterpillar


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The macro photographs on this website illustrate the range of subjects and techniques that macro photographers use to capture very detailed, close-up images on camera.  The photos on this website's Home page include a honeybee gathering pollen, a red rose, and a drop of water (photographed with a high shutter speed).  The Macro Photography Equipment page photos include electronic microchip pins, a suede leather shoe, and a pocket watch mechanism.  Macro Photography Lighting page photos include a blue eye, a red strawberry, and a droplet of water on a blade of green grass.  The macro photos on this page include a spent dandelion, an American football, and a green io moth caterpillar on a twig.  Lastly, this site's About Us page photos include roasted coffee beans, a yellow lemon, and a monarch butterfly.

Here is a sampling of close-up, macro photos on other websites:

red orchid

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